Florida Conference on Recent Advances in Robotics

33th FCRAR

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, OEN 118

May 14-16, 2020

The FCRAR 2020 will take place at the Florida Institute of Technology between May 14 and May 16, 2020.

The registration to this conference has historically been free, and we try to keep it like this.

Important Dates:

The paper submission / review / answer-to-review mechanism employed at FCRAR 2020 follows the next procedure:

  1. The paper abstracts have to be submitted before the abstracts deadline. Papers are not anonymized.
  2. Once the abstract submission deadline passes, reviewers start bidding on papers to review.
  3. Papers are assigned to bidders.
  4. Each review associates a paper with two values in dollars: the value that the paper brings to society, and the value that the paper brings to the community.
  5. Reviews are uploaded as sets of separate statements/issues (that can later be individually retracted if the answer to review cancels their need).
  6. After the review-submission deadline, authors can access the reviews and reply with separate statements for each statement of the reviewer, also specifying a utility of the review in dollars.
  7. After the answers deadline has passed, the reviewer can delete any statements made useless by the answer (e.g., proven wrong or result of lack of careful reading by the reviewer).
  8. After the deadline for deleting reviewer statements, the authors can also delete statements in their answer made now irrelevant due to deletion of statements in the reviews.
  9. The remaining reviews and answer to reviews are published as articles in the proceedings of the open review process.
  10. The papers are ranked by the given utility to community, as order of presentation in the conference. Final versions of the papers with corrections based on reviews are also received and included in the proceedings.
References for the open reviewing method:

Conference papers are invited in the following areas:

Conference robotics Showcase projects can be in one of the following forms: Expo submissions may include any of the above, but especially: Important Dates:

Use the following interface to submit your papers and reviews.

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